Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your reservation, we ask that you notify the property manager immediately via email and or a phone call. Thsi is so that we can begin the effort to rebook the week that you reserved.


  • If the cancellation occurs more than 60 days prior to the first reserved date, we will refund your deposit as soon as we are notified.
  • If Homeowner is notified of a cancellation less than 60 days prior to check-in, we will make every effort to re-book the property. If we are unable to rebook your week, then you will be liable for the full rent for the reserved period. If we successfully rebook your reserved period at the same or a greater rate, we will refund your deposit as soon as we receive the final payment (best case - approximately the day after the check-in date).
  • In some cases, especially when the cancellation occurs late, we may need to discount the week to create interest to rebook the property on short notice. It is the Homeowners discretion to determine if and when a discount will have to be given to ensure that we are able to refund your deposit. If in our sole discretion we need to discount the rate, then the refund will reflect any discounts that we had to apply.

FULL REFUND - with 60 Day Notice

Within 60 Days - No Refund - will try to rent the week reserved - and if able to do so for the same rate - will allow the week to be moved to another similar week - same year or the following year.